The Flagship Store is a high-end retail boutique for rotating fashion displays set in a former religious temple. The 3000sf space is transformed by modest architectural interventions to accentuate the ancient spatial structures.

The display windows are expanded to their full length, revealing greater light exposure, airflow, and multiple pedestrian throughways that can be opened to the street. For the structure to recede, allowing the clothing to take precedence, the richly stucco decorated interior surface is rendered white.

Two cocoon-like fitting rooms can rotate on the centered columns, providing for a flexible interior setting. Through the unique treatment of their skin the two objects morph the interior space by dispersing light and shadows, further expanding or contrasting the spatial appearance.


interior perspective - scenario 1

original scenario


Customized furniture pieces, including display tables, hangers, drawers, partition walls, and seating, define the modular concept, offering a complete toolset to easily morphs the space. This kit-of-parts allows each designer and artist the possibility to completely inhabit and adapt the interior space.ers, hangers, tables, and benches are comprised of modular components, contributing to the fluidity of the floor plan based on need or creative deployment.

The layered façade changes in relation to the interior, creating a holistic design that reveals vestiges of former occupants on the exterior