This three week intensive dealt with strengthening the sensitivity and ability of responding to individuals thorugh form by crafting a container for a beach stone with a 8.5 x 11“ sheet of cardboard.

I began with the question of what defines container and found scale, minimal material use, and siting can manipulate perception.

thirty-six deconstructions of a container



The form of the mass was molded into a sphere by wrapping thick layers of cardboard around the stone. The film shows how the unexpected is revealed, how the essence of the sphere, the initial point of origin - the beach stone -  finds rest in the remains of the discarded sphere itself creating a natural box for the stone to rest.




Using only water and peeled layers of thin cardboard to encapsulate the rock, its hard surface is replaced by a soft yet rigid exoskeleton. The observer‘s expectations of weight and mass are deceived when the shell is sliced to reveal the stone within.