A group of ten students from four disciplines of the SCE investigated the possibilities of transforming a flat-sheet material into a threedimensional spatial form.



six steps of creating a Pansa/Panzer unit


Inspired by folding patterns of geometric objects the group created Pansa/Panzer, a self-supporting, mono-material installational piece that created multiple spatial conditions within the exhibition space of Wanted Design NYC.

The process connected digital and analog design-techniques, while the overall scope and form of the piece was found and calculated through Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, the details of the units were created through hands-on experimentation with the material.



This installation was a collaboration with the italian wood-veneer manufacturer Alpi.



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Sam Falco, Ariel Gonzalez Milan, Caleb Sillars, Joseph Spinnato, Semi Park, Liv Marrese, Berna Yilmaz, Manvee Sherma, Giulio Milano